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Dissolve Emotional Distress and Ground in Presence – Online Workshop

July 7 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

Julie Cowley's Live Online Workshop

Enjoy an empowering live online workshop where you’ll be guided through transformational Thought Field Therapy Tapping* exercises and Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation** for dissolving emotional distress and experiencing greater peace and presence.

Workshops are held via Zoom and are led by Julie Cowley, TFT-ADV practitioner and Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation Teacher. They are focused on overcoming fear and worry and other emotional distress, clearing limiting beliefs, and centering in peace and presence. Each online workshop is about 1 hour long. Participate in sessions live or watch the replay.

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  • Balance Your Emotions. Transform your emotional distress – worry, anxiety, anger, guilt, fear – into peace and wellbeing.
  • Clear Limiting Beliefs. Clear limiting beliefs and thoughts that are creating suffering.
  • Feel More Relaxed and at Ease. Soothe your nervous system. Relax into the now. Transform negative beliefs and remember you are love.
  • Be More Present and Wakeful. Clear mental noise and clutter with TFT Tapping and enjoy a meditation that supports you in being more present and wakeful. Gradually become more of a witness of your experience.
  • Evolve Your Consciousness. As you dissolve limiting beliefs and the illusion of separation you increase your awareness of wholeness and connection with all that is…and as a result experience more of your inherent peace and love.
  • Experience Meditation. Enjoy a 10-15 minute meditation with Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation Music. **This music balances your brainwaves and delivers a precise meditation experience every time you listen to it.

*Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is based on the combined principles of Chinese medicine and contemporary clinical psychology. The key to it lies in influencing the body’s bioenergy field by using your fingers to tap specific points on your body located along energy meridians, while focusing on a particular thought field or emotional upset.

“Tapping with Julie is like peeling away layers of thick energetic imprinting along with conditioned beliefs. With these conditionings and imprintings falling away, love and insight start to slowly emerge themselves. Every time after tapping with Julie, I feel a big shift energetically as if some dense and heavy energy has been cleared away. The softness and peace inside is palpable after each session.” – Sanjali


    1. There will be a brief introduction to Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Tapping.
    2. Julie will guide you through a transformational tapping exercise for dissolving emotional distress (worry, anxiety, fear, anger, etc.), clearing limiting beliefs, and feeling more peaceful.
    3. You will then experience a 10 minute meditation with beautiful Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation Music. This music was created with sonic technology that balances your brainwaves and enhances your meditation.
    4. You will have an opportunity to share and ask questions.


To sign up for this online workshop, click on the below “Register” button. This will take you to the donation page where you can select the amount you’d like to contribute. Once you make your payment you will be connected to the Zoom registration page (this can take 15-20 seconds or so). Make sure to complete the Zoom registration so you receive the confirmation email with your Zoom link.

All workshops will be recorded. A recording will be emailed to you within a few days of the event and will be accessible for 30 days. If you prefer not to be recorded, you can leave your video and/or audio off during the Zoom session. Please join your workshop 5 minutes prior to start time to ensure you are ready to go when it begins.



Picture of Julie Cowley

Julie Cowley is a Thought Field Therapy-ADV (Advanced) Practitioner and Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle Teacher. She resides at and volunteers at Sanctuary Retreat Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. She has been meditating and studying spiritual wisdom for several years and supports others in conscious living.

Julie assists people from all over the world in overcoming limiting beliefs, trauma, self-doubt, fear, anxiety, and other challenges that block them from experiencing joy, inner fulfillment and peace.


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