• Commuter - staying off-site – $850.00
  • Modular Cabin Single Twin Bed – $1,700.00
  • Sanctuary Lodge Single Twin Bed – $1,900.00
  • Sanctuary Lodge Double Twin Beds – $1,900.00
  • Sanctuary Lodge Single Queen Bed – $1,900.00

Location: Sanctuary Retreat Center

Address: 2610 Adial Road, Faber, VA, USA

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May Retreat

May 15 - 22, 2022

Celebration – Walking the Enlightening Path

This Synchronicity Retreat is designed for seasoned meditators who want to powerfully expand their consciousness. Daily meditations with the deepest Sonic Technologies, only used in this retreat setting, are up to an hour long.

Relax into balance, wellbeing, and conscious awareness; visit the Sanctuary in the Spring for our May Synchronicity Retreat and immerse yourself in the heart-opening and enlightening energies that reside here.

Join us in this haven of health and wellbeing and experience your innate joy and aliveness through yoga, NIA dance, and an evening concert featuring traditional Indian music and chant. Sink into deeply renewing meditations, explore our array of Wellbeing Services, enjoy our beautiful grounds, and spend time with friends.

Cherished friends from Shanti Mandir Ashram will arrive Thursday afternoon to join us in elevating and expanding the enlightening energies. Events will include a Yagna, an instrumental concert, and sessions with the delightfully brilliant Mahamandaleswar Swami Nityananda, a long-time friend to the Synchronicity Foundation, and our founder MC Cannon.

We look forward to a memorable week of reunion and the shared empowerment that occurs when we’re together. We would love for you to come and walk the enlightening path with us.


What’s included in your Retreat package:

*A retreat schedule with plenty of time to relax, rejuvenate and spend time in good company with friends. The retreat begins on Sunday the 15th at dinner and ends at approximately 9:30pm on Saturday the 21st. Departure is on Sunday the 22nd. Additional nights are available for an additional fee (includes meals).

*A week immersed in the enlightening, empowering, and radiant Sourcefield that is the heart of Sanctuary

*Comfortable rooms on the Sanctuary campus

*All meals: Enjoy our wildly delicious locally sourced (where possible) and organic plant-based meals

*Daily meditation with Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation soundtracks

*Explore the calming art of gentle Hatha & Energy Medicine Yoga

*Daily presentations on different Holistic Lifestyle topics with long term Sanctuary staff (Optional)

*Thursday afternoon Tea with Mahamandaleshwar Swami Nityananda followed by Friday and Saturday programs

*Yagna, a transcendent ancient fire ritual by Brahmin Priest Prabal from Shanti Mandir Ashram

*Illuminating santoor concert by Vinay from the Shanti Mandir Ashram

*Explore the beautiful springtime flowers along the walking paths through the forested countryside for exercise or time to commune quietly with nature or sit and forest bathe

*High-speed WiFi in all buildings

*One Transcendental Journey empowerment session. High-Tech Meditation Music moves you into a transcendent state of expanded consciousness while aroma generators and subdued lighting complete a transporting environment. The resultant transcendental experience is an empowering journey. Guests often share creative inspiration, enlightening insight, deep clearing, and life-changing revelations. A facilitator will assist you in starting and leaving the session.

Retreat Schedule:

May Retreat Guest Schedule 2022



What’s not included in your retreat fee:

*Airport transfers if flying into local and regional airports. For a list of transfer services and other helpful travel resources, click here: Traveling to The Sanctuary

*Additional Wellbeing Services. For a full list of additional services to complement your stay, click here: Wellbeing Services



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