Transform Your Life:
Retreats for Empowered and Inspired Living


  • How would you like to transform stress and fatigue into energy and power?
  • Or get on an enlightening path that takes you closer to your true purpose in life?

Why attend a retreat?

Inner Road Forest Walk

Learn To Live a Holistic Lifestyle

Get conscious, practical and life changing tools to enhance your spiritual awakening process and increase the power of your awareness.

Relax and Rejuvenate

When you immerse yourself in the healing energies and transformational power of Synchronicity Sanctuary you will leave feeling refreshed, inspired and transformed.

Mauricio and Claudia

What people say

“The energy here at The Sanctuary is like nothing you’ve experienced anywhere else. It’s clear that this whole place has been designed from the bottom up to facilitate our spiritual evolution.”
– D.S. 

“There is nothing else like a retreat at the Synchronicity Sanctuary. To say it is revitalizing, re-energizing, and “re-connecting to the Eternal” is an understatement. Especially during these challenging, chaotic times–I find it vital and expansive to do so. I am so very grateful this opportunity is available.” – M.C. 

Don't wait

Begin your transformation now
with our two free gifts:

  • A specially prepared Guide about the power of Sanctuary Center Retreats to change your life beyond what you can ever accomplish on your own.
  • The Inner Peace Guided Meditation soundtrack that lets you experience the power of Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation and enjoy a retreat-like experience without ever leaving home.
  • You will also receive free updates and valuable discounts for our retreats and more. 

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