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Sanctuary: A Contemporary Meditation Retreat Center and Spiritual Community

What is Sanctuary?

Sanctuary is a spiritual community and contemporary meditation retreat center.  We support and mentor meditators at all stages of their journey, from beginners to those who have had a meditation practice for many years.

Sanctuary is also a place that resonates with the energy of resident staff who, for 40+ years, have lived The Holistic Lifestyle and practiced daily High-Tech Meditation®. 

For us, meditation is not an afterthought or a trend. It is how we live and who we have always been.

Sanctuary, a division of the Synchronicity Foundation, was founded by M. C. Cannon, an ordained Vedic monk, American mystic, master of meditation, and Holistic Lifestyle mentor. MC was an early pioneer in the application of technology to meditation and the originator of High-Tech Meditation®. Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation® soundtracks use Sonic Technology to balance your brain hemispheres and create deep and profound meditative states. 

He always envisioned Sanctuary as a place where meditators could come and experience balance, wholeness and fulfillment as a means to personal spiritual transformation through a diversity of offerings. 

We remain dedicated to this mission.

“Invest in your wholeness…the result is fulfillment.” M.C. Cannon

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Why Sanctuary?

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Sanctuary is an international meditation retreat center for personal spiritual transformation and the actualization of human potential. A visit here will take your meditation and retreat experience to the next level.

Sanctuary is also an awakening, palpable energetic vortex that embraces you with a loving warmth as soon as you enter the gates, one of many reasons people come here from all over the world.

They also come to experience daily High-Tech Meditation® and Holistic Lifestyle practices that deliver wellbeing, wholeness, and fulfillment.

Join us for one of our week-long retreats or choose a personal retreat individually tailored to your interest and needs.

Or check out Sanctuary’s retreats facilitated by other like-minded teachers.

Watch our calendar for the latest retreat offerings, or click here to get on our mailing list.

Why Visit in Person?

While you can experience many of the benefits of High-Tech Meditation® and The Holistic Lifestyle wherever you live, there are many reasons to visit Sanctuary in person:

  • Enjoy the life-changing power of daily High-Tech Meditation® in our specially designed meditation hall.
  • Experience first-hand the delights of incorporating The Holistic Lifestyle into your day as you relax into your natural balance, wholeness and fulfillment.
  • Learn about and experience powerful tools to support a meditative lifestyle and personal spiritual transformation.
  • Get to know and interact with a community of meditators from around the world.
  • Receive advice on how to maintain your meditative practice and Holistic Lifestyle when you return home.
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What Happens When a Retreat is Over

We are here for you even after you return home. Our staff is available to answer your questions and support your meditative journey.

You can also join one of our regular Zoom calls where you can get updates, ask questions and connect with fellow meditators on a regular basis.

Our community has been actively practicing and teaching Holistic Lifestyle and High-Tech Meditation® for decades. Our purpose is to provide a holistic approach that looks at the whole person to create empowerment through balance, wholeness, and fulfillment.

Synchronicity is a perceived state of being consciousness as aware presence in which your life unfolds with grace.

Visit Synchronicity’s website to learn more about High-Tech Meditation®, Holistic Lifestyle, and experience a free 15-minute High-Tech Meditation®. High-Tech Meditation® works well for both beginners and advanced meditators.

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