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We are pleased to offer guests a choice of Wellbeing Services, designed to harmonize and support comprehensive (physical, emotional, mental, and subtle/spiritual) balance and wellness.

*These services are available to retreat guests only.

**The Wellbeing Services and evaluative technologies offered are focused on multi-dimensional balance. Any of the information imparted during sessions is not to be regarded as either medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or prescription. Should you require such assistance, you are advised to seek advice from qualified health care professionals.

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We recommend that you book sessions prior to your arrival to ensure availability.

To book your appointment, please send an email to with the service you would like and your preferred date and time.


Bodywork and Physical Balancing

We offer services designed to relax your body and enhance your wellbeing.

Man receiving Swedish massage


60 minutes: $125

Based on the availability of a Massage Therapist. You determine the manner of your massage in consultation with a licensed therapist.

Massage therapy involves applying gentle and firm pressure and strokes to release tension and stress from muscles and connective tissue. The goal is to experience feelings of wellbeing, reduce tension, and promote nourishment of the skin, muscles and connective tissue by increasing circulation and relaxation for overall wellness.

Massage oils and towel for deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Facilitator Tyler Jacob
60 minutes: $125
90 minutes: $185

A type of massage therapy, deep tissue massage, involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles).

Tyler Lucas has been a massage therapist for over 20 years, graduating from the Virginia School of Massage in 1999 from their 600-hour medical massage program. His training includes Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, and hot stone trigger points.

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Photo of a woman receiving a massage

Neuromuscular Massage

Facilitator JoAnn Agnone
60 minutes: $125

JoAnn Agnone has been practicing massage for thirty years. Trained at the Boulder School of Massage, in Boulder, CO, and the Suncoast School of Massage in Tampa, FL. She was inspired to become a massage therapist based on the information in the physical readings of the late psychic, Edgar Cayce, who has been called the father of holistic medicine. JoAnn does both Swedish, Deep Tissue, and neuromuscular therapy massage, but mostly enjoys helping people identify and relieve areas of chronic discomfort.

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Massage therapist pressing her thumbs into the muscles of her client's back

Shiatsu Massage

Facilitator Lisa Schwaber
60 minutes: $125

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of the ancient art of acupuncture, using finger and hand pressure instead of needles.

During a Shiatsu session, in which the client lies fully clothed and comfortable on a mat on the floor, energy blocks are addressed, thereby allowing the body’s flow of energy to become balanced. This is accomplished through a combination of measured pressure to the meridians (energy pathways), and passive stretches that increase flexibility. Many meditators who experience Shiatsu find it an extremely effective form of bodywork that leaves them in a very expanded state of awareness. Lisa is a professional Massage Therapist and brings many years’ expertise to this protocol.

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Man receiving Swedish massage

Swedish Massage

Facilitator Karen Reagan
60 minutes: $125
90 minutes: $185

Swedish massage is gentler than deep tissue massage and better suited for people interested in relaxation and tension relief. Swedish massage may loosen up tight muscles caused by daily activities such as sitting at the computer or exercising.

Karen’s massage style of Relaxation Massage is a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reiki, Craniosacral, Myofascial Release, and a little bit of breathwork. The goal for clients is to experience feelings of wellbeing to reduce tension. To relieve feelings of anxiety by increasing awareness of the mind-body connection, to promote nourishment of the skin by increasing circulation and relaxation.

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Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Facilitator Lucy Larsen
60 minutes: $100

Acupuncture is a precise and time-honored treatment for pain, digestive disorders, women’s issues, stress and fatigue, to name but a few.

The tiny needles are safe and painless, and results are remarkable and often immediate. Any temporary sensation you may feel is the result of the movement of chi and a demonstration that the session is working. Acupuncture is highly effective in emotional and physical clearing and creating multi-dimensional balance.

Lucy Larsen, M.S., L.Ac., Dip. Ac. is licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine to practice Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is skilled in a number of modalities and will work with you to determine an individual treatment plan.

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Facilitator Deanne Flickinger
45 minutes: $100

Reflexology is the art and science of working on the feet based on the zone theory. It is not a massage, though the feet are massaged throughout the session to help them relax.

Reflexology is the science based on the principles that there are zones / areas on the feet, hands and ears that correspond with all organs, glands and parts of the body. Reflexology can stimulate and awaken the nerve force energy of the entire body so that the body can heal itself. Each system of the body is enhanced. Reflexology can improve nerve and blood supply helping nature to normalize body functions. It was practiced as early as 2330 B.C. by the Egyptian culture. Results of the session may be felt immediately or 24 to 48 hours later.

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A refreshing image of amethyst crystals with flowers

Amethyst BioMat

10 minutes: $35
2-Pack: First session 15 minutes,
second session 30 minutes: $70

This is a full-body healing mat that includes a combination of three therapeutic applications to support body and mind to wellness and wellbeing, using Negative Ion generation, Far Infrared Light generation, and Amethyst crystals.

Negative ionization of the body alkalizes and purifies the blood, charges the immune system, and supplies antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. Far-Infrared Light heals with radiant heat allowing deep muscle and tissue therapy while soothing nerves, increasing circulation and detoxification, reducing pain and stress. Amethyst is a superconductor that increases stamina and endurance and supports transforming lower vibrations into a higher resonance. Drink plenty of water before and after sessions and wear natural fabrics.

“Lying on the Amethyst BioMat was a nurturing and rejuvenating experience. The warmth of the mat soothed my aching muscles and eased tension. I even slept better that night!” -M.A.

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Man comfortably and serenely lying on a bed above two Tesla Medbed Generators.

Tesla Biowellness Protocol

45 minute session: $65
3-Pack: $150

Enhance your Life Force Energy. Proven to recharge and repair cellular health, Life Force Energy is a natural, safe, and essential solution for optimal wellbeing. Easy-to-use, FDA registered medical devices generate a field of our Life Force Energy, which has been providing breakthroughs in health for over 20,000 people. Provide your body with the Life Force Energy it needs to thrive!

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Meet Our Team

Karen Reagan

Karen Reagan

Massage Therapist
Lisa Schwaber Massage Therapist

Lisa Schwaber

Massage Therapist
Tyler Lucas

Tyler Lucas

Massage Therapist

Mental and Emotional Balancing

Whether you're wanting to clear something emotionally, increase mental wellbeing, tune more into your heart center, or expand your awareness... we offer something for you.

Tapping Into Source

Facilitator Julie Cowley, TFT-ADV
45 minutes: $85
3 Session Package: $200

Thought Field Therapy (TFT), the original “Tapping” modality, is based on the combined principles of Ancient Chinese Acupuncture and Modern Psychology. The key to it lies in influencing the body’s bioenergy field by tapping with your fingers on specific points on your body located along energy meridians, while tuning into a “thought field.”

TFT can clear limiting blocks and data, no matter in which dimension they manifest—physical, emotional, mental, and/or or spiritual-subtle. Sessions can include healing past traumas, stress and anxiety relief, forgiveness, clearing limiting beliefs and self-sabotage, pain relief, integrating energetic peaks, and more.

The 3-session package offers the opportunity to do some significant “house cleaning.”

“I have felt what I thought were very difficult anger and resentment issues, melt away very quickly and with surprising ease. I now see so many more opportunities coming up, for using my heart in a positive way.” – J.R., Australia

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Picture of woman with a sunset imposed over her head

Holistic Balance, Diagnostic & Recommendations

Facilitators Jim Clarke, Mona Kaufmann & Caroline Avant
45 minute CoRe Inergetix Session + Recommendations: $150


A) One 45 minute CoRe Inergetix session with Jim Clark (analysis & treatment)

B) One printout report delivered later with recommendations based on the test results:  1) tailored affirmations from Mona Kaufmann; and 2) tailored energy-medicine practices from Caroline Avant. The report will also include recommendations for additional helpful integrative sessions during and following the retreat.

This new Wellbeing Service is based on individual test results from our CoRe Inergetix computer system which operates on the information level of our human experience. In a 45-minute session, it first performs the standard CoRe Inergetix analysis that takes a multi-dimensional approach to detecting physical, emotional and mental dimensional imbalances. For this service, that information is then filtered through the profile of chakra vortexes (which are meridian energy communication hubs) and gives an indication of interest and/or concern in any of the traditional seven chakras. It then selects, from its vast holistic database, specific informational frequencies for balancing purposes and delivers these into the client’s vital energy field. By the end of the session, the participant is relaxed and rejuvenated with a new level of integrative balance.

In addition, the CoRe results of the analysis are sent to two other facilitators, Mona Kaufmann and Caroline Avant for additional input. A report will be printed and delivered detailing further recommendations based on the test results: 1) suggested affirmations from Mona; and 2) suggested practices from Caroline from her Energy Medicine curriculum (including breathing, postures, etc.). The  facilitators may also recommend other integrative service sessions during this retreat, which can be scheduled as time and interest permits

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HeartMath Coherence

Facilitator Ben Radtke
45 minutes: $55
3 Session Package: $135

In the HeartMath Coherence session you will learn a powerful balancing technique that is designed to entrain coherence in the heart rhythm, which is experienced as a positive emotional state and an increased sense of wellbeing.

The Heart Monitor displays the level of the heart coherence in real-time on a computer monitor and participants learn to intentionally harmonize the frequencies of the heart and generate harmonic coherence. The technique is easy to learn and is accessible to everyone.

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Awakened Mind Brainmap Profile
Brainmap Session

Brain Mapping

Facilitators Shawn Conley, Mona Kaufmann
45 minutes: $95

The NeuroField EEG technology generates a comprehensive display of your Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma brainwave patterns. This allows you to better understand where your feet are in your meditation practice and in comparison to the “Awakened Mind profile.” In addition, you can use your Brain Maps to track your progress over time.

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Brainmapping Room

Brainwave Enhancement
(Neurofield Technology)

Facilitator Mona Kaufmann
30 minutes: $65
3 session package: $150

This service generates pulsed electromagnetic frequencies in the Gamma-Alpha-Theta-Delta ranges to stimulate your brain into a peak experience.

Your brain integrates the new, powerful frequencies to further evolve your own meditative brainwave pattern. Multiple sessions are a popular choice as each builds cumulatively on the preceding one.

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Three rocks on the sand, stacked on top of each other, to demonstrate Energetic Balance Enhancement

Energetic Balance Enhancement

Facilitator Jim Clarke
45 minutes: $75
3 session package: $150

This technology is harmonizing in the retreat setting. It operates on the energy frequency information (data) level of our human experience.

To detect physical, emotional, and mental, dimensional imbalances an energetic analysis is completed. Afterward, the Inergetix CoRe system selects from its vast holistic database; specific informational frequencies for balancing purposes. Harmonizing and balancing frequencies then flow into the vital energy field. Accelerating and smoothing the clearing and integrative processes accompanying transformational work and inner growth at a fundamental energetic level EBE is highly regarded. The benefits may include releasing past limitations that accompany growth and consciousness expansion.

We recommend guests have a “baseline” session to assist in clearing some of the energetic imbalances arriving with you. Multiple sessions are popular in the retreat setting.

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Lotus flower on water

Balanced Living

45 minutes: Included

If you would like to explore this, we offer “Introduction to Balanced Living,” where you can learn how to use and maximize High-Tech Meditation® and a Holistic Lifestyle to increase balance which delivers wholeness for your best life.

Sanctuary’s wellbeing philosophy honors the power and transformative blend of High-Tech Meditation® and balancing practices to empower wholeness in the physical, mental, emotional, and subtle/spiritual aspects of living embraced as your fulfilled experience and expression.

Book Introduction to Balanced Living

Journey Within

30 minutes: $65

Private space; a tranquil room specially designed for resting on a tall platform bed surrounded by sonic technology conductors to deliver an expanding and illuminating inner journey. Floating, you sink deeply into your authentic you for an intimate transcendental experience with Self.

High-Tech Meditation® Music plays while aroma generators and subdued lighting complete the serene sensory environment. The experience is transformative and uplifting. Guests often share creative inspiration, deep insight, and revelation after the Journey Within. A facilitator will assist you in starting and leaving the session.

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Sonic Meridian Alignment

30 minutes: $50
3 session package: $125

This simple yet powerful technology (Acoustic Meridian Intelligence) uses sound waves as a healing modality. A session can address stress, inflammatory pain, vitality, anti-aging, the nervous, respiratory, hormonal, digestive systems, and circulation.

For a single session, we offer the Stress Channel. It is the most important channel and will entrain healing energies into body cells, tissues and organs. The protocol session involves sitting comfortably with your bare feet on gel pads. Multiple sessions allow the introduction of many healing frequencies into the human body.

The technology is based on the work of Dr. Peter Guy Manner of England. He devoted his life to the study of sound as a healing modality. His research identified 750 sonic frequencies associated with the health of body cells, tissues, and organs. Ninety percent of the 750 frequencies are in ten complementary channels which can be transmitted into the body. Our device applies patterns of these sonic frequencies into the meridian system to restore harmony. These sonic frequencies are induced into the meridian systems of the body through gel footpads.

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Image of purple swirling light to depict a possible experience of the Transcendental Journey

Transcendental Journey

*Available During Select Retreats*
60 minutes: $95

High-Tech Meditation® Music moves you into a transcendent state of expanded consciousness while aroma generators and subdued lighting complete a transporting environment. The resultant transcendental experience is an empowering journey.

The Transcendental Journey happens in a specially designed space with a tall platform bed surrounded by sonic meditative technology conductors to create a transformative experience. Guests often share creative inspiration, enlightening insight, deep clearing, and life-changing revelations. A facilitator will assist you in starting and leaving the session.

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Ready to Book a Session?

We recommend you book your Wellbeing Services sessions prior to your arrival to ensure the availability of your choice. To book your appointment, please send an email to with the service you would like and your preferred date and time.

*Please note that the Wellbeing Services and evaluative technologies offered are focused on multi-dimensional balance. Any of the information imparted during sessions is not to be regarded as either medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or prescription. Should you require such assistance, you are advised to seek advice from qualified health care professionals.

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