Relax into Balance, Float in Wellbeing, Awaken to Fulfillment

*We’re currently closed for the winter season and look forward to welcoming guests in the early spring.
Relax in the holistic wellness culture of Sanctuary. Embraced by a tranquil forest, renew within the healing nature of 120 acres of woodland and fresh country air. You can unplug, deeply relax and discover your innate natural balance and wholeness.
Drawing on decades of experience and ancient holistic wisdom, Sanctuary has evolved balancing, grounding, wellness and awareness expanding experiences that inspire our guests. We look forward to welcoming you.

The Sanctuary Experience

Relax, recharge your energy, reconnect and renew your spirit.

Foodie's Delight

We prepare healthy, mostly vegetarian, Mediterranean style meals with fresh ingredients.

Wellbeing Services

Nurture, Nourish, Balance, Empower. Enjoy Bodywork, Massage, and Mental and Emotional Wellness.


This is your time out to reconnect, breathe, restore and deeply relax. Discover our Retreats, thoughtfully designed to nurture your being, and indulge in the rejuvenating and uplifting energy of Sanctuary. We have several retreat styles and packages or design your Personal Retreat.

Please note that we are located in a forested area including hills and various types of loose surface footpaths, and those with balance or ambulatory challenges are encouraged to contact us directly to make sure that the campus is comfortable for you.


For our retreat guests, we offer “Introduction to Balanced Living,” where you can learn how to use and maximize High-Tech Meditation® and a Holistic Lifestyle to increase balance which delivers wholeness for your best life.

Sanctuary’s wellbeing philosophy honors the power and transformative blend of High-Tech Meditation® and balancing practices to empower wholeness in the physical, mental, emotional, and subtle/spiritual aspects of living embraced as your fulfilled experience and expression.


What People Say

"I’m so grateful for what I experienced here this week and I can’t wait to come back!"

The meditation in the retreat setting that I experience here is very powerful. I just feel a loving energy everywhere. Meditating around people who are really experiencing kind of the same things that I am and just by being in a peaceful place like this I’m surrounded by beautiful energy and beautiful nature. It really feels like close to heaven all the time.

Luz Marie Zetina

Luz Marie Zetina

What I would say to people who either can’t find the time to come on a retreat, I would say the same thing about meditation. You need to set aside some time each day to meditate; you need to set some time each year to attend a retreat.

Dave Swartz

Dave Swartz

The environment here at the Sanctuary is just beautiful. I often come in the Fall just because I love to see the change of seasons. The walk through the woods from the Sanctuary Lodge to where all the buildings are is probably my favorite along with walking the mountain. Just the naturalness, hearing the leaves falling, the peace!

Martha Linn

Martha Linn

I’ve had the most amazing and inspirational journey since the moment that I arrived at Synchronicity® Sanctuary. I had no idea what to expect and from the first turn into the gate all that lush green beautiful serene atmosphere just felt magical. If you are looking for a place to rejuvenate and be at peace and find joy, I highly recommend that you come to this very special space. It’s sacred and it’s beautiful and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Anele Arcari

This was a most amazing week here – I was unfamiliar with this beautiful Sanctuary until some friends of mine encouraged me to come. And I really can’t praise it highly enough. Everything from the grounds which are absolutely spectacular and serene and peaceful and beautiful to the accommodations which are very comfortable and lovely and welcoming to the amazing food that was prepared for us – so delicious! And such a variety!

Serina Arcari

I’m grateful to have found Synchronicity and The Sanctuary. This has been an amazing experience in this magical enchanted forest with fine nourishing food, spaces to meditate and reflect and just the whole ambience of the place is so nurturing so that I may bring my best self forward in the world because everyone at Synchronicity has brought their best selves forward for me. I feel so grateful and blessed, thank you.

Susan Mercer

Meet Our Presenters

Susan Tate Nia Instructor

Susan Tate

Nia Dance Teacher
Lee Felton T'ai Chi Teacher

Lee Felton

T'ai Chi for Health
Caroline Avant Yoga instructor
Megan Sprague Sound Bath Guide

Megan Sprague

Sound Bath Performer
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