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Caroline is trained in Hatha and Energy Medicine styles of Yoga and is registered with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500. She has been teaching movement and Yoga at retreat centers and audiences internationally, locally and online for over 10 years.

What Caroline says about her yoga teaching style:

"My Yoga teaching style is the culmination of my years of transformative work, meditation mentoring, cutting-edge research in health and wellbeing sciences, biomechanics of the body, breathwork, and a style of yoga designed for aging gracefully in the body. Good health comes from a balanced state of being. When we awaken from our 'trance of speed' we can slow down, observe where our challenges are, and become more conscious of how we move through life. We become empowered as we notice so much more! To me, perfecting a pose means you become more in love with your embodiment, so irrespective of age or condition, a yoga practice is about creating an awakening of awareness of life force energy throughout the body-mind."

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