• Modular Cabin Single Twin Bed – $290.00
  • Sanctuary Lodge Single Twin Bed – $330.00
  • Sanctuary Lodge Double Twin Bed – $330.00
  • Sanctuary Lodge Single Queen Bed – $330.00
  • Maplewood Cottage with 2 Queen Beds – $590.00
  • Forest Cottage - Luxury Apartment with King Size Bed – $590.00
  • Prices calculated for 2 nights minimum stay

Date & Time Details: Schedule your own retreat dates

Location: Sanctuary Retreat Center

Address: 2610 Adial Road, Faber, VA, USA


What to bring: Learn more HERE

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Personal Retreat

Flexible Dates

*We’re currently closed for the winter season and look forward to welcoming guests in the early spring. To receive Sanctuary updates, subscribe HERE. Thank you to all our guests in 2022. It was wonderful having you visit and replenish your spirit at Sanctuary.

A Haven to Inspire, Create and Actualize 

Design your retreat and choose the length of stay to give the refresh you desire. Delicious, healthy meals are included.

“A cup is just a vessel, but the true magic is when you discover what its emptiness can hold.”

Imagine a comfortable room surrounded by beautiful woodlands. Silence permeates this land, highlighted by the sounds of nature – singing birds, owls hooting, wandering deer, and the music of rustling leaves. All you have to do is breathe deep, relax and enjoy time to yourself or with close friends.

You are welcome to join retreat activities or sit back and be at ease. If you are looking for exercise and time to commune with nature, walking paths meander through the forest and grounds. Have a break from busy thinking, try effortless, cutting-edge, High-Tech Meditation® , allowing you to let go, dissolve stress and reconnect to peace and inspiration.

To renew and rejuvenate, we offer Wellbeing Services to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Two services are included in your Personal Retreat, however, if you’d like to book additional services we recommend booking these before your arrival as availability is limited.

We recommend you check our Calendar. All retreat activities are open to guests, so you may want to arrange your retreat around what’s happening. Check-in is Monday through Saturday (subject to availability, a Personal Retreat is not available during scheduled retreats).

What’s included in your Personal Retreat:

*Comfortable accommodation

*Our delicious locally sourced (where possible) plant based meals (with occasional chicken on the side)

*Plenty of time to relax and enjoy our forested walking paths and commune quietly with nature

*Daily meditation with Synchronicity’s High-Tech Meditation® soundtracks that use sonic technology to balance your brain hemispheres and create deep and profound meditative states

*Any scheduled activities that are happening during your stay (for example, yoga or Nia dance)

*2 relaxing and nurturing Wellbeing Services specifically selected to enhance your stay:

-A 20 minute Amethyst BioMat Session. This is a full-body healing mat that includes a combination of three therapeutic applications to support wellness and wellbeing. It uses Negative Ion generation, Far Infrared Light generation, and Amethyst crystals. 

“Lying on the Amethyst BioMat was a nurturing and rejuvenating experience. The warmth of the mat soothed my aching muscles and eased tension. I even slept better that night!” –M.A.

-A 30 minute Sonic Meridian Alignment session. This simple yet powerful technology (Acoustic Meridian Intelligence) uses sound waves as a healing modality. A session can address stress, inflammatory pain, vitality, anti-aging, the nervous, respiratory, hormonal, digestive systems, and circulation.

Sample Daily Schedule

This is your time to rejuvenate and create what you need. You are welcome to participate in any scheduled events.

8:30am – 9:00am: Breakfast at the Ridge House
9:15am – 12:15pm: Relax and renew from modern life’s pace. Go for a nature walk, enjoy a Wellbeing Service, read.
12:30pm – 1:30pm: Lunch at the Ridge House
1:30pm – 4:45pm: Completely give in to the peaceful surroundings, journal, enjoy a Wellbeing Service.
5:00pm – 6:00pm: High-Tech Meditation® in the Stillpointe Meditation Hall
6:15pm: Dinner at the Ridge House

man walking on Sanctuary nature path woman journaling in nature


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