"Be grateful for the experience of life ... it is divine."
Water droplets on a leaf with pink flowers in the background

Nestled in a forest embraced by an ancient mountain and surrounded by nature, our beautiful sanctuary will encourage peacefully drifting into serenity. As gentle winds move through treetops, the symphony of rustling leaves woven with birdsong reveal a deep healing peace, Mother Nature’s gift to you. Drawn from earth and tree and stone, grounding and a profound silence nurture all creation and hold you in deep inner stillness, for it is your sacred nature.

Your essential nature is an eternal, indivisible, radiant, and divine point of One Source Consciousness. “Become radical. Love yourself. Loving yourself is the greatest healing.”

Deer lying on the green grass at Sanctuary
Trees at the Synchronicity sanctuary
Wooden bridge on a forest pathway through The Sanctuary

Sanctuary is an awakening and uplifting, palpable energetic vortex that embraces you with a loving warmth. An energy center on par with Sedona or Mt. Shasta. A hidden gem, an enlightening oasis, it will take your retreat experience to the next transformative level. For over thirty years, it was the home of an awakened, enlightening mystic, MC Cannon, who walked the paths and meditated in the forest, empowering the earth with transcendent stillness. “Within the stillness of my being, I am watching the miracle of life.”

All of us have unified consciousness in common. One consciousness is our essence. Separation is an illusion; connected, we can “Be more allowing of everyone’s journey. Try to understand it is as appropriate for them as your journey is appropriate for you.”

“What you honor honors you.”

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