"There is only One. All else is illusion."

The Holistic Model of Reality

The Holistic Model of Reality is the ancient wisdom deep roots of Sanctuary. This nondenominational, nonsectarian model is an update of thousands of years of enlightening wisdom in the Vedic/Tantric spiritual traditions. It provides the foundation for understanding the power of balance and the effectiveness of holistic living.

Stating it simply:

There is only One Source Consciousness.
Still spaciousness is your Essence.
Be here in the Now.
It’s not an idea, it’s an Experience.
The natural way is Balance.

“Holistic awareness is unified Consciousness. It is the Oneness of all and everything.” 

“To live holistically is a blissfully pleasurable human experience.”

“Find the authenticity of your Being … and true love will fill you.”

“Separation is illusion. There is only One Consciousness experiencing itself. Precision meditation delivers balance, wholeness and fulfillment.”

“The mechanics of meditation … Sit and watch the unconscious become conscious.”

“I flow positive thoughts and feelings. In this way, I maintain balance.”

“Renounce Seriousness. It is an illusion. Embrace delight. It is the truth of all of life.”

– MC Cannon

Master Charles Cannon wearing Bliss Cap
  • One Source Consciousness is the substratum of reality.
  • The ego is the instrument for the primary illusion that you are separate from consciousness.
  • The heart-field is the gateway to experience the Now of consciousness as Aware Presence.
  • The ego-driven mind-field is dominant and hides consciousness.
  • Balance increases as the mind-field is balanced, allowing the heart-field to open the gateway to subtle, truthful dimensions of being.

Five Truths of the Holistic Model

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